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Michael’s Tip of the Week

Save up to $1,500!

2012 Rebates for converting  to high-efficiency heating and hot water equipment just announced.

Once again residential customers of National Grid and NSTAR (among others) are eligible to receive rebates worth up to $1,500 for converting to high-efficiency heating and hot water equipment in 2012. Rebate amounts range for qualifying equipment such as natural gas warm air furnaces, natural gas boilers, combined boiler and water heating units, indirect water heaters, condensing gas water heaters, on-demand tankless water heaters, storage water heaters, heat recovery ventilators, after-market outdoor boiler reset contros, and 7-day programmable thermostats.
For further details on quailfying equipment, rebate information, and program participation, see the gas network website, www.gasnetworks.com, or call us.

For BETTER WATER PRESSURE, consider a booster pump...

Our client's home had very poor water pressure coming from the street, (22PSI). They had installed a water pressure booster 15 years ago during a major home renovation project, which worked okay until recently when it developed a leak. The pressure booster required replacement.
Several factors made this project challenging. The existing booster pump was located in a pit in their finished family room, the failed pump was no longer made, and the size of the pit limited the type of booster system options. Additionally, they wanted the benefit of a booster but without the associated noise level, requesting we minimize the booster's noise level.
We researched available options, found a manufacturer that would meet our client's expectations and field-modified the product to fit into the existing pit. The end result was increased pressure and a much quieter booster system. Our client was very happy.

Prevent Bursting Pipes!

Don't forget to turn off your outdoor faucets! Yes, ice sculptures are cool, but not when caused by bursting pipes/faucets - leaving one with a flooded basement. Give us a call if you have any questions or concerns regarding frozen pipe prevention.


"‎Well I love that milky water..."

Cloudy or 'milky' water when caused by dissolved oxygen is natural, normal, and nothing to worry about.

As the colder weather sets in and the water coming into the house is colder than the temperature inside the house, the water may appear milky. Why? Cold water holds more oxygen than warm water, so when the cold water from the water mains outside begins to warm after entering our homes the oxygen has to ...escape. It does so by bubbling out in air bubbles which makes the water look milky. If the water clears from the bottom to the top of the container then this is what is occurring. The air bubbles are moving from the bottom to the top of the container to escape into the open atmosphere.

The appearance of dissolved oxygen in water is a natural occurrence due to the physical nature of water. This phenomenon is harmless and has no bearing on water quality. Because cold water has a higher capacity for holding dissolved oxygen and is released as the water is warmed, the occurrence may be exaggerated by aerators and water heaters.